Our Community Food Share launched in early April, and it’s been an amazing success. In fact, if our sums are correct, we are sharing around one metric tonne of produce each week – and last week we shared 1.2 tonnes!

Saving this much food from going to waste is an incredible achievement, it’s great to think of the impact that the project has had in such a short space of time.

We’re also absolutely delighted that people in our community can now access free food to help supplement their supplies while the cost of living crisis continues.

Last week we asked people to share what they have been making with the produce they have collected at the food share. We were so happy to see that the children at Bentfield Primary had used bread, cheese, pineapple and red onion from the food share to make some delicious French bread pizzas!

A table with two children adding ingredients from bowls to slices of French bread. there are olives, pepper and red onions among other ingredients

These pizzas look healthy and very tasty!

At present we have settled into a pattern of running the Community Food Share every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 1pm, with occasional Saturday pop-up shares to make it accessible to those who work during the week. Some days we have quite a queue waiting for the Food Share to open!

An enormous thank you to our volunteers who are making this possible: a lot of work goes into collecting the food from the supermarkets and to setting up and looking after the stalls on the day. We couldn’t run the Food Share without them. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you! You can email us on volunteer@thetouchpoint.org, or call us on 07572 114882.

We would also like to thank our local supermarkets for their support, we have regular donations from Sainsburys, Tescos and Waitrose.