The Friendship Dogs from Acehounds will be joining us this Thursday, 4th November between 2.30pm and 4pm

Acehounds created their ‘Visiting Dogs Programme’ because it has been shown that time spent stroking a dog can be great for improving people’s sense of wellbeing. It triggers oxytocin release which alleviates stress, while also dispersing the pleasure hormone dopamine, which boosts your mood.

As well as visiting schools, residential homes and other community facilities, Acehounds also has a dog walking program that offers gentle walks with the dogs to help people get outside and get active.

These beautiful retired greyhounds are registered assistance dogs, which means they are trained to support people with disabilities and medical conditions, and are allowed into buildings like Crafton House.
(Please note that we cannot admit family pets).

They will be with us between 2.30pm and 4pm on Thursday 4th November, feel free to pop in and say hello!

You can find out more about Acehounds at their website here: